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Cleaning Air T12 e T6

Research on the UVC disinfection channels efficiency for Steril Line equipment, models Cleaning air T6 and Cleaning air T12

Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica OSSERVATORIO ASTRONOMICO DI BRERA

Ing. Alessio Zanutta, Ing. Andrea Bianco, Dott. Giovanni Pareschi

"In relation to the air disinfection system which provides for a forced ventilation channel in which there are UV mercury lamps (254 nm), simulations were made starting from the dimensional parameters in the technical drawings received and using the optical CAD software ZEMAX OpticStudio. The purpose was to calculate the irradiance obtained inside the duct as a function of the reflectivity of the cover.."

"....It can be seen that the air treated by Cleaning air T6 and Cleaning air T12 equipment receives a UVC dose of 0.051 J / cm², 13 times higher than the estimated 0.037 J / cm² for the deactivation of SARS-CoV-2."


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Cleaning Air T12

Efficacy tests conducted in the room used for microbiological analyzes of the Ali Lab Laboratory

Quality and microbiology manager

Dr.ssa Miriam Fornaciari

"By carrying out the following study, we wanted to test the reduction of microbial and fungal load of indoor air by a new model of UVC device developed by ISO Italia group Srl. Model tested: Cleaning Air T12 All tests were carried out in a Microbiology Laboratory.

The chosen environment is by definition a place where there is the possibility of contracting infections, a risk mainly due to exposure to a wide range of types of agents, from bacteria to mycetes.

It has been deliberately decided to evaluate the action of the machine during a period of operation in a very critical environment from a sanitation hygiene point of view so as to thoroughly assess the actual sanitization power.

In the scientific literature, a series of indicator microorganisms are cited as tools for assessing the healthiness of an environment. Total aerobic and mycotic bacterial loads can be considered as good indicators of the hygienic state of both a surface and the air. Specific parameters can be determined depending on the destination of the environment and the surface, such as Coliforms, and Staphylococcus."


".........Cleaning air T12 showed in the test the ability to deactivate the microorganisms used. Therefore, under the same conditions (ON operating times), it could be equally effective in deactivating Viruses, such as those belonging to the SARS - CoV family, which, compared to the inactivated microorganisms in the test, are deactivated with a lower UVC energy."


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