Cleaning Air MOD

Cleaning Air MOD is the steril line modular sterilization system applicable to large plants

Cleaning Air MOD  is the steril line modular sterilization system applicable to large plants.

The system designed by Isotech consists of a telescopic support (in all sizes, both in length and in width) on which a number of UVC lamps calculated to sterilize the air inside the duct in which they are located are installed.

To ensure correct sanitization, a calculation is applied on the air volume of the duct and on the number of lamps to be installed, to reach the UVC dose sufficient to deactivate the viruses. In ventilation channels, due to the speed of the air, the efficiency of the lamps (the UVC irradiance in Watts / m²) is reduced by 30%, therefore the calculation of applied energy (the number of lamps) takes this into account functional factor.

In order to install Cleaning Air MOD, the ducting must be reachable and inspectable at the point provided for its installation.

The installation of Cleaning Air MOD is particularly suitable for systems with air recirculation. In this type of system, sanitization takes on a particularly important value.


To get a quote for Cleaning Air MOD it is necessary to know the section of the air tube (or channel) and the flow rate (expressed in cubic meters / hour). From these values it is possible to derive the m³ / sec and deliver the number and power of the UVC lamps to be installed in order to obtain the DOSE necessary for virus inactivation (≥90 Joules).

Examples for obtaining 90 Joules on the passage of 2 meters with 55 Watt lamps.


Pipe section

Air speed

UVC dose on air flow

800 m³ /h

〼= 50 cm

0.8 m³/sec


1000 m³ /h

Ø = 47 cm

1,6 m³/sec

8 on two meters

1500 m³ /h

Ø = 50 cm

2,12 m³/sec

12 on two meters

Telescopic system 
The cleaning air MOD is equipped with a telescopic system to be able to be adapted to any size, both in length and in width, thus perfectly matching with the measurements of the ventilation channel in which it is inserted.
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Cleaning air MOD on a rectangular section duct

esplicativa rettangolo

Cleaning air MOD on a circular section duct

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