Cleaning Air T1000

Cleaning Air T1000 is the steril line modular sterilization system for large spaces

Cleaning Air T 1000 is the steril line modular sterilization system for large spaces.

Its ability to sanitize bacteria and mold from viruses, an air quantity of 1000 m³ per hour, makes it particularly suitable for very large environments, from 100 to 500 m², frequented by many people.

Cleaning Air T 1000 is made of reflective 430 steel, with a cylindrical shape and contains 8 UVC lamps of 55 Watt each with an emission of 30 watts / m2. The set of lamps positioned on the two meters of length of the T1000 guarantees a dose of 90 Joules capable of inactivating 90% of the viruses and 100% of spores and bacteria in 1000 m³ of air per hour.

Cleaning Air T 1000 is safe, the lamps are closed inside the cylinder where the air passes and not visible from the outside, it can work continuously during the public presence hours, it is not noisy and it is easily controlled and programmable by a control unit positioned on the wall.

Cleaning Air T 1000 produces an uninterrupted disinfectant action reducing the risk of virus transmission by air and preventing the dispersion and distribution of any other dangerous pathogens. Protect your audience, your guests, your employees.


Pipe section

Air speed

UVC dose on air flow

1000 m³ /h

Ø = 47 cm

1,6 m³/sec

140 Joule( sec )

t1000 3d dimensioni Modello
T1000 ambient


Technical features 

  • 430 steel tube with anti-reflective flares

  • Internal reflective germicidal chamber

  • Ventilated box for electronic control containment

  • Steel cables for ceiling fixing and suspension

  • 8x55 Watt UV-C lamps,

  • Control timer with delayed start

  • Safety shutdown with 5 sensors in person

  • Continuity of treatment 24 / 24h - Operation mode continuous

  • Power supply with electronic ballast for UV-C lamps

  • Ambient temperature: -10° to + 55° C

  • Lifespan of the Lamps: 9000 h



Electrical characteristics

  • Voltage 230 V ~ ± 10%
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Absorption Max 450 Watt


Additional materials:

  • 1 Poster
  • Plastic Table Tent 
  • User manual
  • CE mark





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