Cleaning Air T6

Cleaning Air T6 is designed to maintain clean the air we breathe every day...


Cleaning Air T6   Ambient disinfection units are being implemented widely, to reduce the risk of pathogen transmission through air. These devices can be used in all kinds of different rooms. They produce a continuous disinfection action, and greatly reduce the dispersion and distribution of any pathogens. Hospitals and health facilities around the world have been using these disinfection systems for years. Further applications of these units outside the medical field are developing fast, and our unit can now be used in all environments that we frequent, where we work, rest, and play.


Cleaning Air T6 is a universal air purifier UVGI (ultraviolet germicidal irradiation) for the reduction of viral and bacterial load inside the environments in which it is positioned. Traditional cleaning methods are often not sufficient to ensure high levels of hygiene, achievable only through the use of the most incisive technology, among which, one of the most effective is UVC. In Cleaning Air T6 the UVC performs a constant germicidal action, by eliminating the microbial load in the air and continuously reducing the bacterial load in the environment.


The great advantage of Cleaning Air T6 is the possibility of treating the air in the environment, 24 hours a day, without any risk and contraindication for the people present.

The uninterrupted disinfecting action of the unit, guarantees continuous control of the bacterial load of the room and keeps the air quality high, with a very low and stable level of germs present in the environment; in contrast, an intense but discontinuous disinfection with other systems (for example chemical products) determines a fluctuating level of germs present in the environment.


Cleaning Air T6  is designed to achieve disinfection in a simple, immediate and safe way, without developing heat, without using liquids and chemicals and without contraindications. The air present in the environment sucked into Cleaning Air T6 by a silent fan is channeled into the germicidal chamber of the purifier thus inactivating microbes and any chemical contaminants; in addition to the 6 UVC lamps, Cleaning Air T6 also contains an innovative HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter  which captures 99.97% of particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns or larger, thus filtering allergens as well.



Cleaning Air T6 treats 150 m3/h.

From the moment the unit is started to sanitize the environment in which it is located, the time needed to treat a complete room also depends on the size of the environment. Air flows (for instance when people move into or out  of the room) a bigger unit can be considerate, in this case is recommended the use of multiple units or Cleaning Air T12.

Room size in square meters

Cubic meters of air inside

Time to sanitize the environment

16 m²

43,5 m³

18 minutes

20 m²

54 m³

22 minutes

40 m²

108 m³

43 minutes

60 m²

162 m³

65 minutes

100 m²

270 m³

108 minutes







Cleaning Air T6 Ingombri Model
t6 sala riunioni 1
T6 reception 1


Cleaning Air T6 is placed on a trolley and can be easily transported in different environments.


Technical characteristics

6 x 25 Watt UVC lamps

Sequential air circuit in a germicidal chamber

Germicidal internal chamber with reflective surfaces

External body in lacquered and powder coated aluminium


Use in the presence of people

Continuous Operation Mode

HEPA filter for the elimination of pollutants and inorganics

Power supply with electronic ballast for UVC lamps

Ambient temperature: -10° to + 55° C

Lifetime of the Lamps: 9000 h



Electrical characteristics

Voltage 230 V ~ ± 10%

Frequency 50 Hz

Power consumption Max 250 Watt

Weight about 20 Kg ( 44 pound )


Additional materials:

1 Poster

User manual




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