Steril Cabinet

Steril Cabinet is a special germicidal cabinet ...



…designed by Isotech to meet the ever-growing needs for disinfection in professional and healthcare areas. Spores, viruses and bacteria can be transported not only by air but by objects and tools of common or daily use. With a few minutes passage inside Steril Cabinet, it is possible to obtain the disinfection of the equipment and tools and all that is positioned inside, in a simple, immediate and safe way, without developing heat, without using liquid and without the slightest contraindication.


Steril Cabinet is a cabinet divided into three floors from stainless steel grids equipped with 9 UVC lamps, 3 on each floor. The lamps are positioned so as to radiate all the surfaces to be disinfected without shaded areas. The internal surfaces are coated in reflective aluminum, easy to clean and designed to reflect the emission of germicidal UVC by increasing the power of the radiation, and considerably lowering the exposure times necessary to achieve the disinfection degree of 99.9%.


Steril Cabinet sanitizes the air during its operation. In fact, an air flow of 120 cubic meters/hour is directed inside and subjected to the irradiation of the lamps before being returned to the environment. With this System, Steril Cabinet, in addition to disinfecting the objects and tools placed inside it, performs a constant germicidal action by eliminating the microbial load in the air and continuously reducing the bacterial load in the environment.




The use of Steril Cabinet is indicated not only in the health sector, but in all those circumstances in which you want to create and maintain the sterility of instruments and objects.


With Steril Cabinet we obtain the maximum level of disinfection, in just 10 minutes of operation we achieve 99% reduction of bacteria on the contents of the cabinet. The same results are obtainable only with products and chemical compounds, dangerous for health and harmful for the environment, as well as expensive and difficult to use.

The cabinet has a security system that provides for the automatic shutdown of the lamps when it is opened.

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Steril Cabinet 100 can be requested in different sizes and colors.


Technical features

  • 9 x 25 Watt UV-C lamp
  • Sequential air circuit in the germicidal chamber
  • Germicidal internal chamber in reflective surfaces
  • External body in lacquered and powder coated sheet metal
  • Continuity of treatment 24/24h - Operation mode start and stop timer
  • Power supply with electronic ballast for UV-C lamps
  • Ambient temperature: -10° to + 55° C
  • Lifespan of the Lamps: 9000 h

Electrical characteristics

  • Voltaggio 230 V ~±10%
  • Frequenza 50 Hz
  • Assorbimento Max 250 Watt

Additional materials

  • 1 Poster
  • Plastic Table Tent
  • User manual
  • CE mark
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