UVC TWIST®, Designed for the protection of the air and surfaces of any environment!

With UVC TWIST® your environment is completely sanitized. UVC TWIST® is a UWC lamp system designed and patented by Isotech, which sanitizes both air and surfaces depending on the need and the moment.

Two powerful 55 Watt UVC lamps with a T8 diameter are installed on the UVC TWIST® with a 2-pin double terminal. The installed lamps have an average UVC germicidal band of 253.7 nm with an emission of 1.7 watts/m2 at one meter distance. When the lamps are turned towards the inside of the channel that contains them, they act by sanitizing the air, when the lamps are turned towards the outside of the channel they radiate the environment towards which they are turned, sanitizing it. The air sanitization is activated continuously and in the presence of people in the environment, thus ensuring maximum reduction the risk of breathing viruses or bacteria. With an empty environment, ie without people, the "Clean Surface" command can be activated, the lamps facing the channel turn 180 degrees and radiate the surface towards which they are facing, discharging their UV dose for inactivation of viruses by sanitizing surfaces and the whole environment.

The controls for choosing the "Clean Air" or "Clean Surface " function are located outside the room. In the presence of people entering during the "Clening Surface" function, a presence sensor switches off the lamps which, by turning 180, automatically return to the position that sees them facing the inside of the sanitizing chamber. UVC TWIST® has separate controls. The "Cleaning Air" air sanitization can be programmed while the "Cleaning Surface" function can only be activated manually through a timer.

UVC TWIST® can be installed individually or in series (multiple units connected within the same environment).

To facilitate installation, the UVC TWIST® is equipped with hooks (to be hung from the ceiling) and flanges (to be attached to the plasterboard or to the wall). A rotation "closure" system prevents UV-C light from escaping when the lamps UVCs are facing the germicidal chamber.



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Inactivation of 99% of the viruses is achieved with a UVC dose of 90 Joules. To reach this dose, it is advisable to position the UVC corner according to the following table and using the times indicated:

Maximum distance from Twist UVC

Dose in 10 minutes

Dose in 15 minutes

Dose in 20 minutes

3 meters




4,5 meters




6,5 meters







Air sanitization


UVC TWIST® purifies 80 m3/h.

From the moment it is turned on, the speed to sanitize the environment in which it is located depends on the size of the room. Air flows (inputs and outputs of people from the environment) lengthen the sanitization times.

Room size in square meters

Cubic meters of air inside

Time to sanitize the environment


43,5 m³

32 minutes

20 m²

54 m³

40 minutes

40 m²

108 m³

80 minutes


Technical characteristics UVC TWIST®

  • 2 x 55 Watt UVC lamp
  • Reflective parabol
  • Wall or ceiling mounting
  • External body in 430 reflective steel
  • Wired in parallel
  • Continuity of treatment 24 / 24h - Operation mode on off
  • Power supply with electronic ballast for UVC lamps
  • Ambient temperature: -10° to + 55° C
  • Lifetime of the Lamps: 9000 h Electrical Features Corner UVC
  • Voltage 230 V ~ ± 10%
  • Frequency 50 Hz
  • Power consumption Max 150 Watt
  • Weight about 14 Kg ( 30 pound )



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